Pointing the World to Jesus

Get Involved

The Farmington Church of Christ is abuzz with activities and ministries that are designed to connect our members to God and to one another, and to serve God in our community. Here, you can find out more about our ministries, discipleship groups, and upcoming events.

It is our hope that after exploring all of the things we are involved in, the question you will be asking is, “How can I get involved in all of this great work?” We’re glad you asked! Below you will find a link to our member information sheet, which includes our ministry involvement survey. That survey will allow you to select tasks in our various ministries that you want to be involved with. We know you might be willing to do a lot of things, but let us know what you want to do. It is our belief that great things will happen for the kingdom of God when we get all of our members working for Him in areas they are passionate about.

If you have any questions about the survey or how to get further connected, feel free to talk to one of the shepherds, ministers, or Jared Pack, our Involvement Ministry Leader.