Here at Farmington, we are involved in a variety of ministries which are described below. For each ministry, you will find a brief statement about what it involves and seeks to achieve, and also the people who work with that particular ministry. These men and women would love to talk to you more about their ministries and answer any questions you may have about the work of Christ’s church here in this community. We hope that you will find this information helpful as you serve the Lord alongside us. If you would like additional information about our ministries, you can download our ministry plan.


AUDIO/VISUAL: This ministry assists the congregation in getting the most out of our worship service to God, by maintaining and running our audio/visual system.

Alex Nelson


ADMINISTRATION: In every local church there is a certain amount of administrative paperwork, record-keeping, public relations announcements, and day-to-day supervision that must be done. This ministry works with administrative tasks and special projects, like our church directory and church library. 

Sarah Edwards, Mike Raine, Robert Shepherd


BENEVOLENCE: There are people all around us that are suffering and in need of care. This ministry seeks to be the hands and feet of our compassionate Savior. We serve others through assisting those within our family who have needs and providing food bags and other help for those in the community.

Deacon: Bret Cunningham

Budget & Finance.jpg

BUDGET & FINANCE: This ministry is designed to meet our financial needs through the accumulation of and the proper distribution of funds. It focuses on our budget, keeping financial records, and any fundraising and special financial needs.

Mike & Angela Marshall; Deacon: Wayne Carter

Buildings & Grounds.jpg

BUILDING & GROUNDS: Many people will never take the time and effort to learn what we believe, but they will make judgments and form opinions about our fellowship by the appearance of our physical campus and grounds and our attitude toward these facilities. For that reason, this ministry is responsible for maintaining our buildings, automobiles, and landscaping, while keeping an eye to their long term use and needs.

Deacons: Ed Bachman, Brandon Rice, Steve Smith


EDUCATION: The education and training of children, new Christians, growing Christians, and those mature in the faith is a necessary and vital part of the life of this congregation. This ministry will insure that our people continue to know the Lord by working to find teachers, provide and evaluate class material, and train our teachers to be more effective in their service.

Deacon: Jared Pack

Global Missions.jpg

GLOBAL MISSIONS: This ministry works to encourage us to be mission-conscious. We should desire to share the good news of the Gospel with others throughout the world, both personally and by supporting the work of missionaries.

Deacon: Curtis Snyder


INVOLVEMENT: Our Involvement Ministry exists to facilitate growth and edification within the church by connecting members to ministries and other members (in-reach) so the church can in turn glorify God in the Farmington community (outreach). We do that by helping our members find ministries in which they want to serve and by providing a number of congregational events throughout the year designed to connect us as a family.

Deacon: Jared Pack


LADS TO LEADERS: Lads to Leaders is a national program designed to train our young people to be leaders in the church as they grow and mature. Here at Farmington, we are actively involved with L2L by training our children, mentoring them, and participating in the annual convention in Dallas.

Justin & Lindsey White

Local Outreach.jpg

LOCAL OUTREACH: The goal of this ministry is to expand the borders of the Kingdom in Farmington and the surrounding areas. We should desire to share the good news of Jesus with others through our example, Bible studies, community involvement, and invitations to worship with us.

Deacon: Curtis Snyder

Safety & Security.jpg

SAFETY & SECURITY: The purpose of this ministry is to help ensure the safety, security, and physical well-being of our members and facilities.

Deacons: Rodney Bailey, Steve Smith


TECHNOLOGY: The purpose of this ministry is to identify and address technology needs of our congregation and physical facility.

Deacon: Will Dockery


THURSDAY BIBLE SCHOOL: Thursday Bible School is a Bible-based preschool/ Mother’s Day Out program which serves dozens of children from around our community each year from September to May. TBS runs on Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30 AM and is open for children ages 2-5. It is completely free for all students as our teachers, helpers, coordinator, secretary, and refreshment crew are all volunteers.

Helen Carter, Sarah Edwards


VISITATION: Our Visitation Ministry seeks to make our congregation more conscious of souls, whether they be the souls of our own members or of visitors who worship with us. Every soul is too precious to be lost, and for that reason this ministry runs our Monday Night for the Master program, which makes visits and sends cards to encourage our members and let our visitors know that we appreciate them and care about their souls.

Mike Raine


WELCOME: This ministry aims to greet people as they arrive for worship, ensure that visitors feel welcome when they attend, provide them with adequate information about our congregation, and assist them in finding and locating necessary services within our facilities. 

Deacon: Rance Robison

Women's Ministry.jpg

WOMEN'S: The goal of this ministry is to increase involvement of our female members, promote meaningful intergenerational relationships, provide an environment for spiritual growth in a comfortable setting, and assist in meeting the needs of individuals within our congregation. 

Helen Carter, Carrie Wright


WORSHIP: This ministry is responsible for selecting and coordinating our worship leaders, so that our assemblies might be meaningful experiences of worship and praise.

Deacons: Tim McCuin, Brandon Rice

Youth in Family.jpg

YOUTH IN FAMILY: In Scripture, the task of passing faith onto the next generation is repeatedly given to two groups, the physical family and the faith family, and our Youth in Family ministry tries to equip these same groups to disciple our students. This ministry is made up of two groups: Kids For Christ (Grades K-5) and FYG (Grades 6-12).

Robert Shepherd