Currently, our Sunday adult classes are engaged in a nine-month study on The Story of Jesus written by Shane Robinson, the preacher of the Chickamauga Church of Christ in Chickamauga, Georgia. This study is all about looking closely at the life of Jesus of Nazareth in order to better understand the life, mission, and ministry of the Messiah who we follow.

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Beginning in September 2017, our Sunday morning adult Bible classes began an 18-month journey through Scripture called The Story of the Bible. This survey is based on videos from The Bible Project, and in addition to providing background information on each biblical book, it also discusses key themes of each book and offers points of application for our lives today. The Story of the Bible is all about digging into Scripture in order to better see how it is a unified story that points us to Jesus and the redemption of creation.

Download: Old Testament Workbook, New Testament Workbook