On Sunday Evenings, we worship in several different formats depending on the week of the month. This varied approach allows us to give special attention to singing, the reading of Scripture, praying, preaching, and equipping:

  • FIRST SUNDAY | Preaching From the Pews: At Farmington we are blessed with a number of men who are willing and capable preachers. On the first Sunday of each month, these men take turns delivering biblical messages.

  • SECOND SUNDAY | Devotional Night: Our devotionals alternate between themed singing services, prayer services, and services dedicated to the public reading of Scripture.

  • THIRD SUNDAY | Traditional Worship: These nights follow the same format as our Sunday mornings.

  • FOURTH SUNDAY | Youth-Led Worship: On the fourth Sunday of the month, our young men lead the congregation as we worship. They lead songs, and prayers, read Scripture, deliver a Bible lesson, and preside over the Lord’s table.

  • FIFTH SUNDAY | Congregational Singing: When a fifth Sunday occurs, our worship schedule operates on a Church-Eat-Church model, where following morning worship we have a fellowship meal followed immediately by a period of congregational singing. During this time, all of the men in our congregation are invited to pick out and lead a favorite song.